About Us

Woodcamp Farm has been keeping bees since 1991. Our goal is to provide a reliable source of localized honey bees to Mid-Atlantic hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.

Jason Hough has over 25 years experience in beekeeping and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Jerry Rozier, our new head beekeeper, has over 40 years experience keeping bees and has lead teams of beekeepers for some of the largest producers in the southeast. Jerry, self declared “just an old beekeeper”, knows bees. He keeps them strong and healthy. He won’t allow queens to go out too fast until he is sure she is mated well.

I’m extremely thankful to pull Mr. Jerry our of retirement to help us get going over the next couple of years!

We love both our honey bees and customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Send an email to bees@woodcampfarm.com with any comments or suggestions!