Woodcamp Farm has been keeping bees since 1991. We understand bees are important for pollination and want to help mother nature as much as possible.  Woodcamp Farm is local to the Maryland/VA/DC/PA vicinity, where we strive to raise bees and breed our own queens to be hearty to our environment.  We’d like to give back to nature as much as possible.  Our goal is to provide a reliable source of honey bees to Mid-Atlantic hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. 

Notes About our Bees and Ordering – Spring 2020:

  • Nucs and Packages – We are sold out for the year, still trying to finish off deliveries of both! Such a wonderful March followed by a cold April!

Queens and Queen Cells

  • I have Queens from Roberts Bee Company In stock May 5-10. 
  • My queens will start becoming available later in May, still getting the new mating boxes going and have pre existing orders. The new mating boxes seem *awesome*, but getting comb drawn is always a chore!

Place your order by using this link: https://woodcampfarm.com/shop/.

All orders will be picked up at 17403 Hardy Road, Mt. Airy, MD. 21771


If you have any questions, give me a call/text – 443.962.7226 or email me at bees@woodcampfarm.com