Woodcamp Farm has been keeping bees since 1991. We understand bees are important for pollination and want to help mother nature as much as possible.  Woodcamp Farm is local to the Maryland/VA/DC/PA vicinity, where we strive to raise bees and breed our own queens to be hearty to our environment.  We’d like to give back to nature as much as possible.  Our goal is to provide a reliable source of honey bees to Mid-Atlantic hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. 

Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday sale!

Sale ends midnight Monday, Dec 2!

  • Package Bees – $110! Regular price of $120
  • Local 5 Frame Nucs – $150! Regular price of $160
  • All Dadant Beekeeping supplies – 5% of Dadant.com website price
    • To order Dadant equipment or supplies, please email me the item number in the description (off dadant.com) and quantity – 5% will be taken off the list price. Items will be available for pickup after December 8th. 
  • We are now offering all natural body supplies and candles used with honey and beeswax. Please feel free to browse around in our “Etsy” section to view our new products. All items are 20% off through Dec 4 for the Etsy items!

Notes About our Bees and Ordering – Spring 2020:

Packages — Delivery – March 24th/25th

  • Our March packages are consistently some of the first available to be picked up in the country.  Packages have sold out every year, so order early to ensure you will have your 2020 bees.
    • We guarantee a live queen in every purchased package. Let’s look at your queen before you go!  All queens must be inspected before leaving. If your queen needs to be replaced prior to leaving the pickup location, we will exchange the entire package. 
    • If the queen has an issue within the first 30 days, replacement queens will be available at a 40% discount.

5 Frame Nucs – Delivery April 18th or 25th

  • Pickup date will depend on late March and Early April weather – Updates will be given by April 1.
  • Queens are raised by us! Bees are raised by us! If you are comparing to competitors, ask if they are raising queens themselves that have a proven track record for our area, or buying queens that are caged and shipped in the mail from hundreds or thousands of miles away!
  • We are using Carniolian, Saskatraz, and Canadian Buckfast over wintered stock as the backbone of our queen operation.
  • Queens never see the inside a queen cage. This is becoming more recognized as another incremental improvement to increase queen quality and longevity.

Queens and Queen Cells

  • Queens will be available April 25th. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.
  • Queen Cells will be available weekly starting Mid April. Ordering will be available in our online store starting late winter.
  • We are using Carniolian, Saskatraz, and Canadian Buckfast over wintered stock as the backbone of our queen operation.

Place your order by using this link: https://woodcampfarm.com/shop/.

All orders will be picked up at 17403 Hardy Road, Mt. Airy, MD. 21771


If you have any questions, give me a call/text – 443.962.7226 or email me at bees@woodcampfarm.com