Pollen (Protein) patties




Pollen patties are great source of nutrition for your bees.  Applying pollen patties to your bees in the early spring will supply needed protein to drastically boost brood production. These pollen patties are 15% protein with real pollen from Global Patties.  We use them with our own bees and have experienced great results.

The listed price is $2.50 per lb (1 Patty)

Recommendations:  For each new package installed, we recommend buying 3 patties.  We suggest placing one in the hive during the installation process and feed the next two patties as needed.  Store the patties in a cool place until they are ready to use.

If you already have an established hive, we recommend feeding 3 pollen patty to your bees starting around mid-February and add a pollen patty as needed through May 1st.  Then in July start to feed approximately 2-5lbs of pollen patties to each hive through mid-November.

To learn more about the patties, please visit http://globalpatties.com/