2020 Package Bees with Italian Queen – 3 lbs – Late March


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Our March honey bee packages are consistently some of the first available to be picked up in the country.  Placing your March order now will allow you to get a jump start on the bee season.  The main honey flow in Central MD starts around May 1st, so if your bees are established early enough and you maintain them well, you’ll have a great chance for your bees to excel this year!

Each package is 3 lbs of bees with an Italian mated queen. These are strong packages, with a low/or no mite count, and are overall healthy bees.  Included with this screened package of bees is a screened box, feed, nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, drone bees and a caged mated queen.

We guarantee a live queen in every purchased package.

  • Let’s look at your queen before you go!  All queens must be inspected before leaving.
  • If your queen needs to be replaced prior to leaving the pickup location, we will replace the entire package.
  • If the queen has an issue within the first 30 days, replacement queens will be available at a 40% discount.

Recommendations:  If possible, I recommend installing the package on a frame or two of drawn comb (or more).  They will need to be fed at all times until they are established. I use frame feeders, however there are other forms of feeding that will work, including the DYI inverted jar feeder. Starting the bees on wax foundation is also possible, but again, feeding is recommended.