2019 Package Bees with Maryland Queen – 4 lbs – May 12, 2019 – $115


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Our May packages are local honey bees raised from Woodcamp Farm.  These queens are locally raised and primary mate with high quality Carnolian and Saskatraz genetics.  We value the Saskatraz bee breed as they are highly rated for early spring reproductions, which results in exceptional honey production.  They are also known for their wintering ability, temperament, tracheal mite resistance, varroa tolerance/resistance, and tolerance/resistance for brood diseases. Our Carnolian bees are also known for their early spring productivity, which also results in exceptional honey production.  They are also known for their winter hardiness, adaption to their environment, and resistance to tracheal mites.

We understand May is late in the year for most people to order bees, which is why we’ve made this package a solid 4lb package of bees with a local mated queen.  4lbs of bees will provide your queen the workforce to quickly populate, reproduce, and collect nectar and honey during the honey flow season in order to build a strong hive for the winter and come out strong in the spring.  These are strong packages, with a low/or no mite count, and are overall healthy bees.  Included with this order is a screened box, feed, nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, drone bees and a local caged mated queen. For an additional $2, we can mark your queen.  If you’d like, request to have her marked when you pickup your packages.

We guarantee a live queen in every purchased package.

  • Let’s look at your queen before you go!  All queens must be inspected before leaving.
  • If your queen needs to be replaced prior to leaving the pickup location, we will replace the entire package.
  • If the queen has an issue within the first 30 days, replacement queens will be available at a 40% discount.

Recommendations:  If possible, I recommend installing the package on a frame or two of drawn comb (or more).  They will need to be fed at all times until they are established. I use frame feeders, however there are other forms of feeding that will work, including the DYI inverted jar feeder. Starting the bees on wax foundation is also possible, but again, feeding is recommended.

If you would like to read more about the Saskatraz breed of bees, here is a link with more information.