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Cold to the south, warm to the north

One of my best friends (Tim) lives in southern virginia. He is constantly bragging about how much better the weather is down there. This was my weekend, we have no snow in Mt. Airy, he has over a foot!

We spent time this weekend going through the massive pile of equipment, trying to get it organized and ready for next year. I swear that pile double in size when it rains, and triples in size when it’s sunny. Lots of frames to re wax, it will be a good cold weather job. Got it out of the road that it crept out on, so Dad will have to figure out something else to yell at me about! 

Had a couple yards where the insulation was not put back on after feeding, so that was added back on. It gave me a few seconds per hive to look in. Lots of the clusters where at the bottom of the deep, oriented toward the front. Almost all of them looked like they had a ton of capped honey, so I can rest easy and let them do their thing. Days start getting longer in Dec 22. That is when ‘they’ say the queens will start thinking about laying again. 

Everything has had Oxalic Acid for mites, except for 12 hives that I never got to. Will try and hit them this weekend. Other than that, it’s clean up and prep for 2019. 

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