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Closing up 2017 and Ramping up for 2018

Starting a little blog, will see how this goes.

Just finished talking to my supplier in Georgia, already set a pickup date for March 19th. I don’t have my bees up here ready for winter yet, and we are planning for spring.

Granted, my spring planning started months ago. Changing gears to better match what I have time for in 2018. Getting extra help full time didn’t work out so great. This year I’m only taking on what I know I can do myself, and any extra labor here and there will be a bonus. I’ll be selling early packages and raising some queens, but that’s it for bee sales. Going to focus on honey, and put back all the good comb I sent away in nucs last year. I’m not sure I’ll ever do nucs again, or very few. They take so many resources and are just not worth the aggravation.

Last weekend was a fun weekend with kids. Sports were rained out, so we had a rare weekend at home. Reagan has been bitten by the riding bug hard, and Andrew the hunting bug a little.

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